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Misia Country Resort & Spa stands in the old village of  Rocca Ripesena, overlooking, from a panoramic position, the uncontaminated woods and hills in front of Orvieto.

R.R. is an ancient, picturesque and quiet place situated under of a wide tufaceous rock of volcanic origin. From it you can dominate all the view of Orvieto with “the Cathedrals golden lily” about 6 km. far.

Some geologists even say that it was the volcanic eruption of Bolsena (1223 B.C.) to deposit on this soil the tufaceous masses of R.R. and Orvieto.

The village has got few resident families and a small humble church which was completely rebuilt at the beginning of the 20th century and consecrated some years later. On Sundays the Holy Mass is celebrated in it in a very particular context. Woods and hills are the frame of a really fantastic landscape.

Misia offers 2 apartments and 10 rooms decorated with a combination of design and characteristic style to offer its guests an experience rich in charm in a natural, historic environment.

The rooms are provided with every possible comfort to offer its guests a stay rich in tranquillity, rest and caring. Breakfast is served in the hall  tastiness and refinement.

You can ask for one or more beds for children and for pets hospitality.

Misia offers a transport service from and to the railway station, to Orvieto and to the neighbouring areas.
At your request it can also provide a driver to take you to the nearest airports.